Perfect Wedding Guide Wedding Show Indianapolis

The booth was chocked full of fabulous flowers for brides to try!

The booth was chocked full of fabulous flowers for brides to try!

WOW!  What. A. Weekend!  My feet are so sore and tired but my heart is full and happy!  I had the best time working my booth at the Perfect Wedding Guide Wedding Show this weekend at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in gorgeous downtown Indianapolis!   I will say however that is was quite the challenge hauling the flowers in and out in the low teen temperatures.  Flowers+cold temperatures, well....they just don't get along well.  But, luckily for me I had an awesome team on my side.  The Bloom! dream team really pulled through for me.  My dad, husband, BFF, and fairy flower godmother ( floral mentor/30year floral veteran) were crucial to the whole smooth operation of the booth.  It's so good to have great help!  Even my two boys ages 11 & 8 got in on the action and helped mommy out.....but enough about me.  

The ladies I met over the last two day were so sweet.  I had a wonderful time getting to know them for just a quick few minutes as they "tried-on" some of my favorite bouquets that were on display and then my BFF Missy snapped their bridal selfie and we had a printed out picture in a jiffy.  The brides-to-be had so much fun as I coached them on the proper way to hold the bouquet for optimum gorgeousness coming down that aisle.  Shoulders up back and down, tuck the elbows in and hold that beautiful bouquet nice and low...after-all, we would hate to hide any of their assets as they make their way to their man....and it makes for stunning pictures.  If you're a bride and you haven't heard about this, we should talk.  It's all about making you look AMAZING on your big day and I want my flowers to provide you with that finishing touch, not hide your beauty!  

I'm so excited to get to know some of these ladies better.  I really want to create a RELATIONSHIP with my clients.  I pride myself on taking time to know my clients.  I want to have just as much fun as you are having working on your wedding.

If you didn't get a chance to stop by my booth this weekend, I hope you'll do so in February when I'm at the next show.  It's on Sunday, February 26th from 12-4 at the Montage on Allison Pointe.   I can't wait to meet you....until then, KEEP BLOOMING!


A 'heartfelt' sympathy design.

Sympathy heart design with white cascading roses and tribute ribbon.

Sympathy heart design with white cascading roses and tribute ribbon.

So my step-mom and her girlfriends lost a dear classmate and friend this week.  They chipped in and asked me to do something special from the Girls of '67.  My step-mom showed me an inspiration picture she saw on the Internet and together we decided on the colors and flowers.  She and her friends were so happy with the final product...this is what I love about doing sympathy flowers!

It makes me so happy to help people remember the special people in their lives through the art of flowers.  As much as prayers and heartfelt condolences are appreciated by someone experiencing a loss,  I feel lucky because I actually get to do something to help that is tangible.  

What is Blush to you?

One of the hottest bridal color palettes these day is one that includes BLUSH.  Blush and Burgundy, Blush and Navy, White... with a hint of you guessed it, Blush.  What I'm finding out from talking with brides is that there are a lot of different opinions about what blush looks like.  Some clients think that a pale peach is blush, others think that a beige-tone is blush, some think that a pale pink is blush.  Just check out this quick Google search I did on blush roses and see for yourself how varied blush is in the eye of the beholder.  Which one did you pick?   Well, I don't really care which one you call blush, not because I don't care about you and your opinion, I'm just not into correcting people anymore (I gave that up with the teaching career) long as we can both look at a picture and you show me your vision, we are good!  However, my wholesaler...well, that is another story and blush in the flower industry equals pale pale pink!  So, when you meet with me and blush is in your palette, make sure to show me a picture so that you, me and my wholesale representative are all on the same beautiful page.

Blush rose study: