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The Myth About Greenery

So you're planning your wedding flower vision and you are loving the luscious greenery looks that are everywhere on Pinterest. Me too! Some of my prettiest weddings have had a very heavy greenery look. I just love how it's organic and natural but also elegant and romantic. Greenery can be so very versatile!

I know what you're what's the myth?

The myth is mis-information floating around on the Internet that a greenery look is cheaper than flowers. Well, my friends, I'm here to tell you that that isn't entirely true. Yes, there are some types of greenery out there that are inexpensive...think grocery store arrangements. Unfortunately, those lush looks on Pinterest are created from greenery that is much more expensive than what can be found at your local grocery. Eucalyptus, Smilax Vine, Italian Ruscus are not cheap greenery. As a matter of fact, I can buy some flowers by the bunch at the wholesale market that are less expensive than one bunch of Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. Also, many of the beautiful tablescapes seen on Insta or Pinterest are garlands. Let me tell you about garlands...they require quite a bit of labor on the part of the florist, especially if you want that full look. When we take an expensive greenery and then make it into something labor-intensive, it is going to cost more than most people think. Yes, I hate to be the bearer of that bad news! Just to give you an idea of what I mean, I can make approximately three regular low wedding centerpieces in the time that it takes me to make that garland for an 8' table. And, I'm going to most-likely use more product for the garland than for a centerpiece. Are there other options for incorporating greenery into your wedding without breaking the bank? Of course there are. I have all kinds of greenery tricks for that. I just want to spread the word about this myth so that brides can be better informed.

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