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What Gets Me Psyched

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

There are many many things I love about weddings. First off, I love hearing your love story. I can learn a lot about you just by hearing how you met or how you got engaged. I'm a real sucker for a sappy story. I also really love seeing a picture of your wedding attire. This is my behind the scenes opportunity to understand your style and visualize how amazing you are going to look on your day... and how I'm going to help get you there with flowers

What gets me the MOST PSYCHED though is thinking about your floral palette! I call it a palette because to me, it is exactly like painting. I love painting...Did I ever mention that if there is a craft or creative thing out there, I have probably tried it or still play around on the side doing it? So, just like painting a picture, I like to take a little dab of this, a splash of that and some fantastic textural items to create a masterpiece for you. I particularly love when I can use some not so common flowers. This is seriously one of my favorite things to do.

I am kind of like a sponge when it comes to learning. I love researching and knowing all about the different flower colors, varieties and types of flowers out there...and there are a lot! I then take all this info that is whirling around in my brain to choose those awesome blooms for your flower palette. Knowing that perfect little white flower is going to help me not only create something unique and beautiful for you, it's going to elevate your wedding from really good (because I refuse to do anything that isn't really good) to stunning. Not to mention, it's super fun for me...not that it's about me, but hopefully you know what I mean.

Something to keep in mind about unique and unusual is that it typically will cost more. I know, I know **insert cringey face here** It's sooo worth it though! That is the little extra that ELEVATES and sets you apart from the rest. I named my business with the word "custom" for a reason. I want you to feel special and unique on your big day, not just ok.

When you're ready to discuss what those special & unique flowers for your wedding are, let's chat. I can't wait to get you psyched too!

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